Inheritance law: Accepting-Transferring Inheritances all over the Greek region and Issuing Court’s Inheritance Certificates regarding the Greek Movable and Greek Immovable property.
Wills and Probate: Preparing Wills for Greek and Non-Greek people who have assets in Greece. Probate the Wills in front of the Greek Courts.
Property Law: Purchase Greek properties, Selling Greek properties, title/deeds search, forming the purchasing and selling contracts, issuing all certificates for the purchases and sales.
Private Property and Business Property Management: Arranging all matters related to your Greek properties. Preparing your private and business lease/rental agreements, finding tenants for your property, paying the ENFIA real estate tax, etc. Attending all the day-to day-rising matters, such as disputes among tenants in your building, taking care of your common bills, attending meetings with the care taker, communications with civil engineers and other workers in case of renovations/repairs for your home, your hotel, your restaurant, etc.
Real Estate Law: Transferring Greek properties, Donating Greek properties. This process is usually between children and parents.
Preparing all types of Power of attorneys, based on the Greek legal requirements for: Greek Inheritance and Greek Property legal matters.
Taxation matters: for those who have purchased property in Greece, or have decided to come and live, or work in Greece.
Retrieving all sorts of legal documents from the Greek public bureaus, the Greek archives and Greek Courts, such as: Birth certificates, Death certificates, Marriage certificates, Divorce certificates, Army certificates, Inheritance certificates and other legal documents.
Registering at the Greek public offices and Greek Courts, various acts, such as: Registration of Births, Registration of Deaths, Registration of Marriages, Registration of Divorces.
Family Law: Divorces from mixed marriages between Greek and Non-Greek persons.
Recognition of a foreign court decision legal in Greece. For the Greek people who live abroad and got divorced abroad.
Preparing E9 forms for your Greek properties and your Greek inheritances.
Land Registry/Cadastre: Registering your properties to the land registry bureaus.
Obtain Greek Citizenship: Conduct all the necessary legal and administrative work, to obtain the Greek Citizenship, for those who have Greek roots.


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